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Why Cold Formed Steel

Weight savings and other comparisons



We achieve high strength-to-weight ratios with cold-formed steel building components. This is due to the high strength of the steel and specially designed shapes and forms which provide extra strength without excess weight. The end result is reduced construction costs and lower weight per square meter, as well as savings on the overall cost of materials.

Economy in Transportation and Handling

Due to the light weight of cold-formed products, we achieve lower shipping and handling costs. Many of our parts are standardized so we don’t have to weigh each part every time when preparing them for shipments. The time saved is money saved and all of these savings are passed along to you.

Steel studs

Quick and Simple Installation

Not only does our standardized shipping methods allow us to keep our costs down, it helps us implement your project as quickly as possible. We plan out our shipments in advance so in most cases, products are already exact size, eliminating the need for onsite cutting to fit the installation.


From a durability perspective, cold-formed steel sections resist shrinkage, deformation, and rust. They withstand insect related issues. Our carefully blended coatings provide resistance to corrosion for the life of the product.

Steel Corners

Uniformity of Material

Quality and safety are our top priorities. All AlexForm facilities utilize standardized processes in our production including the slitting line and forming line. The uniformity achieved from this ensures not only steel that is high-quality, but that is measured to the exact specifications of our customers.

Variety of Coatings

We at Alexform offer a wide variety of coatings, through our new Vacucoat line as well as any decorative or protective coat that meets your standards and specifications.