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Technical Data


polychartAlex panel offers environment friendly Polyurethane Foam that follow the International Standards. The Polyurethane Foam include PUR (B2 – B3) and PIR which provide a wide range of Fire Resistance and combining low thermal conductivity ratio and good fire resistance.




Alex panel system automatically inject the foam material to inside of double metal facing before pressing. The foam material is especially chosen from high quality chemical companies. Using foam materials include special catalysts, additives and n-pentane gas for high quality foam. One of the many benefits of PIR / PUR insulation board is its ability to be cut or shaped and to hold the required form; probably one of the best-known applications PIR / PUR right insulation boards can be used for walls, terraces, roofs and floors behind rain screens or under soffits.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity (λ) is the amount of heat perppendicularly crossing unit (m²) in 1 hour when thermal difference between the two parallel surfaces of a material thickness is 1 (K) kelvin. Thermal conductivity is considered when the thickness of the filler for the sandwich panels is determined.

Steel Faced Sheets

Steel sheets undergo an intensive high voltage discharge prior to profiling which guarantees a high quality long lasting panel.

The panels facing material is always under control as it is galvanized, skin passed, pre-painted and top coated , the top coat colors will be according to customer prefer directions and usual international panel satisfactions.

The standard panel facing is a steel plate coated with Ral 9002 polyester paint suitable for food process purposes.

Optional top coating for interior & exterior applications:

  • PVDF: For inside and outside use where there is a high rich of corrosion.
  • PVC: High elasticity and very good corrosion – prevention properties, suitable especially for internal use.

Aluminum Sheets

It is available to use also aluminum sheets instead of steel for the panel production, All aluminum rolls used in the Alex panel’s production are produced complete according to EN & ASTM & ISO norms.

Aluminum surface properties:

  • Decorative appearance
  • Convenient processing property
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Physical features of aluminum panel surface:
  • Thickness tolerance is (+/- 0.03 mm) …….EN 10145
  • Alloy – AW 3000 series. ………………….. EN 485 – 2
  • Temper – H16 – H26 …………………….. EN 485-2
  • Yield Strength – 150 Mpa
  • Tensile Strength – 175 Mpa
  • Elongation – 3% (min)
  • Surface Stucco Embossed or painted
  • Paint & Colors

Alex panel’s top coating colors are always possible for all available RAL colors, Production metal paints can be arranged according to customer prefer directions and usual international panel specifications.

Coil coating is the continues and highly automated industrial process for efficiently coating coils of metal due to the metal treating before cutting & forming, cleaning and treating the entire surface and providing tightly – bonded finishes. Pre-painted coils are often considered more durable and more corrosion- resistance than most post painted coils.

Flexible Faced Sheets

Alex panels are faced with a wide range of materials such as Flexible membrane, Aluminum foil, Kraft paper

Flexible Membrane Coated

Bituminous membrane ensures a comfortable waterproofing of living space curtains, basement, garden, terrace, and roof. TPO membrane is a proper waterproofing of structures subjected to different loads such as viaducts.

TPO (polyester felt) is a kind of membrane that used in sandwich panel production system for flexible panel creating for some special roofing and villa building insulation facilities.


  • Color: grey, black, (other colors are available)
  • External fire performance: E class
  • Water transferring: very good

Aluminum Foil Coated

Alex panel insulation boards are faced by aluminum foil laminated Kraft paper as a vapor retarder, the board is used for insulation and heat insulation.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Anti – fungal & anti – bacteria
  • Excellent ignitability rating
  • ISO 9001: 2008


PE coating on face of aluminum foil & pure aluminum foil & PE layer to combine foil and Kraft paper & Kraft paper.

Kraft Paper Coated

Alex panels use a Kraft paper produced from chemical pulp produced in the Kraft process.

It is a proper Kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packing products with high demands for strength durability.