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Why Alex Group

55 years of Solid Steel Production

At Alex Group we pay meticulous attention to detail for every project and every order. For fifty-five years we have delivered on our clients’ projects with expertise and pride passed down since the company was first founded. Over the years, while always continuously improving, we continue to serve our customers and our community. As a firm we continue to evolve to ensure that our technology and expertise is second to none.

Quality, Excellence and Trust

We strive for perfection. Every day we make process improvements to get as close to meeting our customers’ needs as possible. We aspire to achieve this at the highest quality while simultaneously at the lowest cost. From the process for measuring and cutting steel pieces, to the way we ship them to ensure they arrive on time so your project can get off the ground as quickly as possible, we consistently identify areas of opportunity to improve them. Our commitment to deliver state of the art and industry best products and services has been recognized and acknowledged by our customers worldwide. Across all our facilities, which span over sixty thousand square meters, we ensure that the best expertise, and attention to detail is put into every task we work on. To better serve our customers, we begin with the highest grade raw materials. Next we employ top of the line machinery to ensure that the best ingredients are put into making the smallest product or completing the largest project. That, along with staffing the most experienced and well trained architects and engineers, has helped rank Alex Group as one of the leading metal and steel service providers in both a domestic and global scale.

Pleasure Doing Business with You

No matter the type of business you are in, we are here to help. We aren’t just focused on our customers, we’re obsessed with meeting their every need and specification. Our team prides itself on providing the highest level of customer experience and satisfaction humanly possible. We work with small or big businesses that are seeking our expertise to deliver on a product, project, or simply to consult. No matter the time or location, it is always easy to find one of our engineers or team members available and ready to help answer any questions you may have. Our objective is to make ourselves accessible to our customers when they need us.